Baltic amber bracelets
Amber bracelets – perfect jewel for any age group

Amber bracelets are elegant piece of amber jewelry popularly known for unique beauty and affordable price. The bracelets made in yellow gold or sterling silver are exclusively designed and integrated with different colored amber like red, blue, green, black, violet and yellow. The Baltic amber bracelets are available in a wide range of styles, patterns, colors, themes to suit every choice. These make perfect gift items for any occasion and can be easily paired with any outfit.

Baltic amber is basically an organic substance referred as ‘fossil resin’ produced over 60 million years ago. The resin which is cloudy and sticky in nature is solidified to covert into amber. Amber is malleable and can be pressed or molded into varying shapes to make intricate jewelry items. It is increasingly used to make a variety of attractive looking jewels like amber bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and amber rings etc. In addition, amber consists of about 3-8% succinic acid located in the surface of the stone. The succinic acid has powerful healing properties to treat several diseases making amber now high in demand worldwide.

A bracelet made of amber is an ideal choice for any age group. It is extremely beneficial for arthritis, rheumatism, muscle and joint pains. Amber is an anti-anxiety solution to remove fatigue, tensions and overall stress. It also provides good relief from extreme respiratory issues, blood circulatory problems, digestive disorders etc.

The bracelets can be purchased from any online store or jewelry designer outlets. It is however necessary to be very cautious when choosing the jewelry to avoid purchasing fake amber. Genuine amber when warmed or rubbed through a piece of cloth will give out a faint smell of pine and camphor. Further, the real stone when placed in water does not sink but will only float. It is thus regarded that wearing amber bracelets on a regular basis will provide good health and fortune.

Baltic amber pendants
Amber pendants, the most exclusive ones

Amber, one of the most precious gemstone is mainly produced in Baltic countries. Baltic amber, which is known for its rich colors, is quite a common sight in the beaches of Lithuania and Estonia. It is available in different colors like brown, yellow, green but the most expensive one is transparent. This particular gemstone is used to make different amber jewelry like pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklace.

Baltic amber pendants are quite popular and it is sure to make wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Many prefer amber heart pendants that are made from Baltic amber as it is in rich and deep color. Green amber is also used to make amber pendants as it is well known for its natural beauty. At the first glance, the green amber looks like peridot gemstones. Dominican amber light pendants are also available and it is one of the best pieces that captivate the attention of all. The pendants that are made using amber can be made in gold, silver or platinum depending on the individual’s need.

Many prefer to have amber earrings made out of silver as it gives a classy look to the person. The most popular earring is the amber lily earring that is made out of silver in the shape of a lily. This particular earring is available with matching amber pendants with insects and bracelet. Many people are crazy about collecting different jewelry that is made out of this precious gemstone. This is mainly because it is not very expensive and people can afford to buy amber jewelry at an affordable cost. Amber necklace is available in the market that is specially designed by designer craftsman. It is better to go for specially designed jewelry as it has value and at the same time gives a unique look. There are many online retailers who sell amber jewelries. However, it is essential to check for their credibility before ordering. Jewels made out of amber are absolutely a good buy when it is bought from a reliable trader.

Baltic amber earrings
Amber Earrings and how to wear them

Amber jewelery, being one of the most versatile goes well with anything. It can be carried well by anyone from an eighty year old heiress to a sixteen year old boho chic. Be it Amber earrings or any other Baltic amber jewelery, Baltic amber can add tonnes of confidence to your look. When you decide to wear Baltic amber earrings, you are subconsciously making it the focal point of your attire. Hence, dressing up accordingly is a must. Here we present to you two looks that you can carry off very well with amber gold earrings.

The Classic Look – For a classic touch, choose amber earrings that are encased in gold or antique metal. If you are aiming at a rich-lady look, concentrate on doing a single statement piece instead of several small ones. Oversized stud amber silver earrings paired with a simple pendant are the best choice. If you wear tinted contact lenses, try going for a brown or hazel color as they bring out the fire of Baltic amber. Dress in simple lines, avoiding over use of frills and lace. A simple shift dress, combined with amber clip earrings is the best for an evening.

The Boho Chic – modern styles let us use amber with a whole new level of freedom. Sterling silver and Rhodium are the perfect metal casts for modern amber earrings as these are durable as well as inexpensive. There are no inhibitions as to the number of pieces that you can wear at once. Similarly, there are no design rules to follow. Just buy an ounce of Amber beads (with pre-made holes) and string them together to create your own amber jewelery. Wear it with anything from jeans to skirts and jackets to dresses.

Baltic amber rings
Exclusive amber rings

Amber rings are made of amber. Amber is an ancient gemstone which is there in existence since millions of years. Among all the gemstones available, amber is considered to be a precious one available on earth and its value dates back to its origin. There is a general feeling among people, amber rings should be either settings of glittering gems or plain bands of metal which are polished. Unfortunately, this leaves out the most organic kind of alluring jewelry available. It is difficult to possess an amber jewelry because most of it available in the market is fake. Cheap amber rings have beautiful looks and these sorts of ornaments are relatively inexpensive and so people are interested in purchasing it. It is a renewable resource, so it is less costly than the other gemstones. Nowadays the value of gold jewelry keeps increasing, so this low cost amber rings can be gifted on different occasions.

The advantage of an amber rings for women are that they suit all kinds of dresses from traditional to modern wear. They enhance the look with a style that gives a touch of sophistication and class. It is quite difficult to differentiate it from other expensive jewelry, as it gives a type of charm that dazzles the onlookers. The Baltic amber rings for men are of many types and the colors vary accordingly. A special type of amber called the Baltic amber is used to make rings that has a classy look and gives the user a charming personality. At times raw amber is also used to prepare bracelets.

To make just one piece, amber stone rings, most often utilize abundant and large quantities of beads and broaches, which are considered to be larger than the normal gemstone compositions. Semi-finished green amber rings made of amber with polished gems. Amber jewelry is gaining popularity among all age group because it gives an enhanced look and at the same time it is affordable.

Baltic amber necklaces
Amber necklaces for adults and kids

Amber necklaces are made of the appealing gemstone amber and come in intricate designs, colors and shapes. The Baltic amber necklaces for adults are designed with the stone pre-set in a sequence of strands with knots. These are affordable and easily complement with any dress or outfit design. The necklaces are hand-crafted ensuring absolute care and precision in the making of the ornaments. Red, green, blue, yellow amber colors or a blend of the colors are used to give a natural and distinct look to the baltic amber necklaces.

Baltic amber is a fossil resin formed under intense conditions in the earth’s crust. It is compatible and extremely beneficial to human body. The resin is available in different compositions and colors ideal for making jewellery. The wide collection of Amber jewelery includes Baltic amber necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and amber pendants. The stone is cut into desired size or used in full along with other types of precious materials like gold, silver, and platinum to craft attractive looking jewellery items. With the growing popularity, jewellery made of amber is now available worldwide.

Additionally, amber necklaces ideal for babies are also being produced. These are amber teething necklaces designed to reduce teething problems in kids aged between 2 months to about 2 years. Amber is acknowledged by allopathic medicine to hold analgesic functions. The necklaces when adorned around a child’s neck help to relive pain during the teething period. The amber stone releases succinic acid, an anti-inflammatory substance that provides warmth and soothing effect to the baby.

The amber necklaces for kids are safe and can be worn throughout for extreme relief. In addition, the succinic acid with analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-fever properties are also beneficial for adults. This natural remedy is a best alternative for teething pain relief than prescription drugs. It is thus regarded that amber necklaces are nature’s best gifts for both ladies and children.


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